Partner with the latest in technology to reduce casualties and develop effective countermeasures to combat hostile situations

Beyond Line of Sight Navigation

Consolidate information from a range of UAVs, drones, and airborne intelligence to navigate unfamiliar terrain with minimal risk and maximum preparedness. Reduce chances of being caught off guard in hostile environments.

360 Degree Awareness

Expand situational awareness with integrated 360-degree field view and infrared to enable your operator to take informed decisions and improve the efficiency of sweeps.

Battlefield Simulation

Increase mission preparedness with accurate and specific training simulations to help adapt accurately to combat requirements in any environment. Convert situations that may cause analysis paralysis into reflexive execution of required action.

Edge Intelligence

Provide AI-powered real-time tactical information to your soldier to enhance critical decision-making and reduce tactical errors on the field. Reduce human error in unforeseeable scenarios by improving the collective decision-making skills of your personnel.